This is Michelle, and she was diagnosed with epilepsy at fourteen months old. She lived a relatively normal life as an active, happy child until her condition took a turn for the worse at age two and a half. Constant seizures left her in a coma, requiring neurosurgery. By the end of the summer of 2010, she could no longer walk or talk and has cerebral palsy as a result of the worsening seizures. Now, at age five and a half, she is still virtually nonverbal and can’t walk unassisted. Because of this, she requires special, expensive equipment throughout her daily life, including a wheelchair, a push chair, a therapy stander, and a home care bed. All of these items come with a significant price tag because of their special designation as disability equipment. In order for us, her father and stepmother, to have partial custody of her, we have to obtain all of this equipment at cost. We’re just a financially struggling couple trying to give our disabled daughter a safe, healthy, happy life with us, but we can’t do that without help. If anyone has the ability to help us out, we would be eternally grateful.


This is my friend’s daughter. Please donate - if you can’t do that, please reblog! :)